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BOL TV Jobs in Pakistan 2024 – Apply Now

Complete Media Company BOL TV Network is currently recruiting experienced and highly motivated candidates for a variety of open positions. The job advertisement for BOL TV was published in the Dawn Newspaper. Online applications are accepted at, the organization’s official website.

Desirable qualifications for the position include a degree or diploma in the pertinent discipline. Assume you possess advanced degrees and are enthusiastic about pursuing employment in the media sector. Consequently, you have an excellent opportunity to apply for positions on this television network. For further information, kindly maintain communication with us until the conclusion.

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Details of BOL TV Jobs in Pakistan

List of Departments (BOL News)

The departments that are currently accepting applications are detailed below.

  • Public Relation
  • Publications
  • Radio
  • Research and Development
  • Secretariat and Facilitation
  • Sports
  • Technical
  • Theater
  • Administration
  • Administrative process management
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Internal Audit
  • Legal Affairs
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Movies
  • News
  • Procurement
  • Programming and Strategy

Eligibility Criteria for BOL TV Jobs

Benefits of BOL TV Jobs in Pakistan

  • Media Industry Exposure: Gaining experience in the media industry can grant one exposure to an environment characterized by its rapidity and dynamism. It enables personnel to remain informed about recent developments, trends, and events.
  • Career Growth: Opportunities for career advancement may be available within the organization, contingent upon the specific role and the individual’s level of achievement. Media organizations frequently encompass diverse departments and positions, thereby affording opportunities for progression.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Employment in a media organization provides the chance to establish connections with journalists, producers, and other professionals in the field. Networking can provide future opportunities and career progression.
  • Skill Development: A variety of abilities are frequently required for employment in the media, including technical, communication, research, writing, and production skills. These abilities can be improved and developed by employees, thereby increasing their marketability.
  • Impact and Influence: Engaging in journalism within the media sector can afford individuals the chance to shape public sentiment, bring attention to critical matters, and contribute to the dialogue surrounding society.
  • Creative Expression: Media occupations, specifically those involving content creation, writing, and production, can provide an avenue for individuals to exercise their creative abilities. There may be opportunities for individuals to participate in the development of compelling and influential content.
  • Benefits Package: BOL TV, similar to any esteemed organization, is probable to provide its staff with a comprehensive benefits package encompassing health insurance, retirement plans, and additional advantageous provisions.
  • A work environment that is diverse: Media organizations frequently recruit professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. This diversity has the potential to foster a dynamic and vibrant workplace.

How to Apply for BOL TV Jobs

  • Please e-mail your comprehensive resume or CV to the specified address listed below.
  • The department or position for which an applicant is applying should be included in the subject line of their email.

Email Address:

  • Interested parties should submit their applications electronically to BOL TV at

More Info

  • Navigate to the “Careers” segment.
  • After scrolling down, select the “Apply Now” link.
  • Click “Apply Now” after entering the required information into the designated fields to establish an account.
  • Your registered email address will be utilized as your login ID, and you will receive an email containing your password.
  • After establishing an account, proceed to the BOL TV website to finish the recruitment procedure.
  • Those who have been shortlisted will be invited to interviews.
  • Original documents are required of candidates during the interview.
  1. Who is the CEO of Bol Entertainment?

    Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh is a Pakistani entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in business, technology, and media. He is the CEO of Axact, the world’s leading IT firm, and BOL, a globally recognized media organization.

  2. Where is Bol News based? 

    BOL News is part of the BOL network conglomerate based in Karachi.

  3. Who purchased Bol Network? 

    On Monday, Bol Network made the announcement that a private equity firm named AsiaPak Investments had acquired it. The press release said that Bol would remain headquartered in Karachi with a “nationwide presence.”.

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