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College Registrar Jobs in Canada 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

ACADÉMIE AÉRONAUTIQUE INC. is a preeminent establishment within the aeronautical domain, renowned for its innovative training and education programs. Using a visa sponsorship program, the institution, which is a leader in the delivery of high-quality education in Canada, is in search of a dynamic and seasoned college registrar to join its thriving staff.

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Details of College Registrar Jobs in Canada:

  • Job Position: College Registrar Jobs
  • Job Types: Full-Time or Part-Time
  • Education: Bachelor, Diploma, or Secondary, which is as prescribed below.
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Minimum Experience: Minimum 1–3 Years of Experience
  • Salary: 40,000 to 45,000 annually (to be negotiated) or 37 hours per week
  • Location: 300 Boul. Marcel Laurin Suite 200 Saint-Laurent, QC, H4M 2L4, Canada

Key Responsibilities of College Registrar Jobs

  • Supervise and administer the entirety of the student registration process, which consists of handling admissions and enrollments.
  • Ensure the maintenance of precise and secure student records, encompassing personal information, academic accomplishments, and transcripts.
  • Establish and execute policies and protocols to guarantee adherence to regulatory mandates and benchmarks in the field of education.
  • Coordinate the formulation of curricula and course schedules in conjunction with academic departments.
  • Address the grievances and concerns of students while offering the required guidance and assistance.
  • Generate analytics and statistical reports to aid in the planning and decision-making of the institution.
  • Serve as an intermediary between the institution and external regulatory agencies concerning accreditation and other pertinent issues.


  • A Master of Education Administration or a closely related degree
  • Proficient in database management and the utilization of student information systems.
  • Proficiency in interpersonal relations and communication
  • Proven aptitude for team management and leadership

Visa Sponsorship:

Using a visa sponsorship program, ACADÉMIE AÉRONAUTIQUE INC. assists qualified foreign nationals in acquiring a work permit so that they may begin employment in Canada.

Benefits of College Registrar Jobs in Canada:

  • Faculty Administration: Regarding the academic administration of a college or university, registrars are indispensable. They supervise the administration of academic records, course scheduling, and registration.
  • Academic Services: Registrars frequently engage in student service provision, which encompasses assisting students with the registration process, resolving academic inquiries, and ensuring adherence to institutional policies.
  • Management of Data and Reporting: Registrars must ensure that student records remain precise and private. They are responsible for database management, report generation, and ensuring adherence to data protection regulations.
  • Methods of Policy Implementation: College registrars play a significant role in the formulation and execution of scholarly policies. Administration and academic departments collaborate closely with them to ensure compliance with institutional policies.
  • Certification and Graduation: Registrars supervise the graduation procedure, which includes determining eligibility for graduation by reviewing students’ academic records. They also issue credentials and certifications.
  • Collaboration with Academic Divisions: Academic departments and registrars work in tandem to organize course offerings, schedules, and additional academic activities. Effective communication and collaboration are required for this.
  • Assurance of Conformity and Accreditation: The responsibility of college registrars is to ensure that the institution adheres to accreditation and educational standards. They might participate in the preparation of paperwork for accreditation procedures.
  • Innovation in Technology Integration: To expedite registration processes and enhance data management, registrars frequently collaborate with information systems and technology as technology continues to play an increasingly important role in education.
  • Approach to Problem-Solving: Frequently, registrars encounter intricate matters about student records, academic regulations, and registration obstacles. Problem-solving is an indispensable ability for effectively addressing these concerns.
  • Advancement Opportunities in the Workplace: Opportunities for career progression may be available to registrars through professional development and experience in academic administration or other relevant domains within higher education.
  • Contribution to the Success of the Institution: The contributions of registrars to the institution’s overall success are as follows: ensuring accurate record-keeping, efficient academic operations, and a positive student experience.
  • Advancements in Professional Development: Numerous institutions, including registrars, provide support for the professional development of their personnel. Attending conferences, seminars, and training sessions to remain current on industry trends and best practices may be required.

Application Process:

Applicants should submit their applications through the official website of ACADÉMIE AÉRONAUTIQUE INC. or other reputable job portals. Enclosed are a cover letter and resume that comprehensively address your qualifications and experience as they pertain to the position.


This position is an excellent chance to further your education administration career while joining a reputable institution in the aeronautical industry. Visa sponsorship for a prosperous career in Canada, where your talents and experience will be highly valued, is available upon application.

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  1. What is the role of the registrar’s office at the university?

    The Registrar’s Office is the backbone of the university, as it plays a vital role in facilitation from the day a student enrolls in the system until the day the student passes out. The registrar’s office takes on the responsibility of being the guardian and custodian of all students’ academic and personal data.

  2. What is the salary of a deputy district registrar in Canada?

    The average salary for a Deputy Registrar General is $84,812 per year in Canada.

  3. Who is a deputy registrar?

    Reporting to the University Registrar, the Deputy Registrar is an integral member of the leadership team of the Office of the Registrar, leading the implementation of the Registrar’s directives and providing coverage and contingency planning for the Registrar.

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