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Hyderabad Electric Supply Company HESCO Jobs 2024

Visit this page to access the HESCO Jobs Application Form at The Hyderabad Electric Supply Company issued a press release regarding this most recent employment opportunity. This employment advertisement was obtained from the Jang Newspaper.

At this time, Hyderabad Electric Supply Company is seeking knowledgeable and seasoned candidates. Chief Information Technology Officer, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Supply Chain Management Officer, Chief Technical/Engineering Advisor, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Commercial Advisor, and Chief Human Resource and Career Planning Officer are all positions that are open to applications. Applicants must submit their applications for the aforementioned positions. Specifics regarding this position are provided below.

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Details of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company HESCO Jobs

Benefits of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company HESCO Jobs

  • Job Security: Employment with HESCO, a government-owned utility corporation, frequently affords stability and job security. In general, employees enjoy enhanced safeguards against downsizing and unemployment in comparison to the private sector.
  • Competitive Compensation: In general, HESCO provides its employees with competitive compensation and benefits packages, which comprise health insurance, retirement plans, and supplementary allowances. Although salaries may differ depending on the individual’s position and level of experience, they frequently furnish workers and their families with a consistent source of income.
  • Opportunities for Progression: HESCO offers career development and advancement prospects within its organizational structure. By virtue of their performance, skills, and experience, employees have the opportunity to advance through a range of positions, progressively assuming more demanding duties and obligations.
  • Training and Development: To enhance the skills and knowledge of its employees in areas pertinent to their responsibilities, HESCO invests in their training and development. Technical competencies pertaining to management practices, customer service, safety protocols, and electrical engineering may be included in training programs.
  • Work-life balance: Although the utility sector is known for its demanding work schedules, HESCO generally provides its employees with a satisfactory level of work-life balance. Additional benefits, such as paid time off, flexible work arrangements, and others, may be made available to employees in order to assist them in balancing their personal and professional lives.
  • Public Service Contribution: Employment with HESCO affords individuals the opportunity to aid in the delivery of vital services to the community. Employees of the utility company, which is tasked with providing electricity to the region, are indispensable in guaranteeing dependable power supply for residences, businesses, and public facilities.
  • Skill Development: HESCO provides its employees with the opportunity to cultivate and enhance a wide array of competencies, encompassing managerial, technical, and interpersonal proficiencies. These competencies are advantageous not solely for the organization but also for the wider labor market, thereby augmenting the career opportunities of personnel.
  • Social Impact: The social impact of HESCO’s operations on the communities it serves is substantial. Employees of HESCO make a tangible impact on the well-being of local inhabitants by guaranteeing a continuous provision of electricity, a critical resource for economic progress, healthcare, education, and numerous other facets of everyday existence.

Vacation Positions

  • Chief Information Technology Officer
  • Chief Legal Officer
  • Chief Supply Chain Management Officer
  • Chief Technical and Engineering Advisor
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Commercial Advisor
  • Chief Human Resource and Career Planning Officer

HESCO Jobs Eligibility Criteria

Salary Package

  • Minimum Monthly Salary: 100,000 PKR (EST.)
  • Maximum Monthly Salary: 200,000 PKR (EST.)

How to Apply for HESCO Jobs

The following address is where interested candidates must send their handwritten application along with the necessary paperwork and a passport-sized photo.

Address: HESCO Room Number 301, Third Floor, HESCO Head Office, Wapda Officer Complex, Hussainabad Hyderabad.

  • Applications that are received past the deadline or are not comprehensive will not be considered.
  • Original documents from the candidate must be presented during the interview.
  • Eligible applicants include GENCO and DISCO officers, PEPCO officers, and NTDC officers.
  • The number of posts may be increased or decreased at the discretion of the authority.
  • Candidates who qualify will receive an invitation to a test or interview.
  1. What is the name of the Hesco company?

    Hyderabad Electric Supply Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as HESCO), WAPDA OFFICES COMPLEX, HUSSAINABAD HYDERABAD.

  2. How do I pay my Hesco bill online?

    Click on the “Bill Payments” icon available on the homepage. Select “New Biller” with the category “Utility.” Write “HESCO—Hyderabad Electric Supply Company” in the biller’s name. Incorporate the reference ID mentioned on your previous bills.

  3. How do I find my Hesco bill by name?

    You cannot check a Hesco electric bill by name, CNIC, address, or meter number. A reference number is necessary to check the Peshawar electricity bill; otherwise, you can call the helpline or visit the nearest office. How can I change the name on my bill? You can apply for a name change in the HESCO office.

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