Latest Ministry of Religious Affairs Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony published an advertisement for Ministry of Religious Affairs Jobs: Apply Online at www.mora.gov.pk in the Daily Jang Newspaper. Presently, the Ministry of Religious Affairs Islamabad is seeking educated, self-motivated, proficient, disciplined, and experienced candidates according to the Open Merit, Punjab, KPK, and Sindh Quotas.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit applications for the medical officer/pharmacist (male or female) and paramedic (male or female) positions (BPS 17–18). Applicants must submit their applications for the aforementioned positions. Maintain contact with us below for further updates.

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Details of Latest Ministry of Religious Affairs Jobs

Benefits of Ministry of Religious Affairs Jobs

  • Job Security: Government positions are frequently accompanied by a substantial degree of employment security. Compared to certain occupations in the private sector, employees generally enjoy a stable and secure position upon employment, which mitigates the likelihood of layoffs.
  • Stability and Regular Pay: Government positions often provide a consistent and regular salary, along with periodic salary increments and promotions. For personnel who prioritize financial stability, this may provide reassurance.
  • Pension Plans: Numerous government positions provide employees with retirement benefits or pension plans, thereby ensuring their financial security in old age.
  • Healthcare Benefits: Federal employees frequently enjoy all-inclusive healthcare benefits, which include vision, dental, and medical coverage for themselves and their dependents.
  • Paid Vacation Time: Generally, government positions include paid vacation time, medical leave, and public holidays. This promotes a healthy work-life balance among employees.
  • Opportunities for Professional Development and Training: Ministries frequently invest in the professional development and training of their staff, thereby facilitating the expansion of careers and the improvement of skills.
  • Social Security Benefits: Employees might qualify for a variety of social security benefits, including unemployment benefits and disability insurance.
  • Housing and Transport Allowances: Housing and transport allowances are potential benefits that government employees may be eligible to receive, potentially alleviating the financial strain associated with these critical expenditures.
  • Educational Opportunities for Dependents: Certain ministries may offer tuition assistance programs or scholarships as educational benefits for the offspring of their personnel.
  • Ethical and Social Impact: Promoting religious values and working for the Ministry of Religious Affairs can provide individuals with a sense of personal fulfillment and an ethical and social impact. Such individuals should be deeply committed to bettering their community.

Vacancies List

  • Paramedics (male or female)
  • Medical Officer or Pharmacist (male or female) (BPS 17–18)

Eligibility Criteria Ministry of Religious Affairs Jobs

How to Apply for Ministry of Religious Affairs Jobs

Online applications are accepted at the National Testing Service, accessible at nts.org.pk.

More Info

  • During interviews, neither a travel allowance (TA) nor a daily allowance (DA) will be furnished.
  • The examination and interview dates will be communicated per the timetable shown in the image below.
  • During the selection process, only digital applications will be accepted.

Ministry of Religious Affairs Jobs

  1. What is the Ministry of Religious Affairs?

    ‘Kementerian Agama’ or the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) is an Indonesian government agency responsible for religious affairs in Indonesia. A minister is in charge of the ministry and reports to the president.

  2. What is the number of the Hajj helpline?

    Pilgrims who have complaints can reach out to the deputy director, Hajj, at the following contact numbers: 059 400 2928 and 014 827 0660. Similarly, the main control office can be contacted at 014 825 0780 or 014 824 3740.

  3. What is the ministry of a religious leader? 

    Religious leaders are responsible for leading worship and providing guidance and instruction to members of their faith, sect, or tribe. They are also responsible for any associated administrative duties.

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