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Latest Punjab Jail Police Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

The Punjab Police has declared various positions vacant throughout the province of Punjab. You are seeking employment with the Punjab Jail Police. If you answered yes, then consider this to be excellent news. You decide where to establish your future professional life. Read this post for complete instructions and information provided by our team, and then submit your application immediately.

Every advertisement that our team obtains is published in a newspaper from Pakistan, including The Nation, Daily Times, Dawn, Daily Jang, Daily Express, and Daily Pakistan. You will also receive links to official websites, which will facilitate your online application.

Here you will find the most recent job postings and various merit-based positions. Downloadable documents include the application and Chalan Form. Our objective is to communicate effectively, so each of these announcements has been thoroughly examined and confirmed for accuracy. Therefore, consult our website daily to view the most recent and official advertisements.

The Punjab Police is presently seeking to recruit proficient individuals who possess qualities such as dynamism, diligence, inspiration, and aptitude. The subsequent positions are available to qualified candidates. BPS-07 Jail Warders (Female and Male). Individuals who wish to apply for these positions.

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Details for Latest Punjab Jail Police Jobs

Benefits of Punjab Jail Police Jobs

  • Employment Security: The tenure of personnel at government agencies, such as the Punjab Jail Police, is generally lengthy and consistent, which contributes to the agency’s reputation for providing employment security.
  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits: The Punjab Jail Police consistently offers its employees competitive compensation and benefits packages, which comprise medical coverage, retirement benefits, and allowances.
  • Prospects for Progression: The Punjab Jail Police provides prospects for professional development and career progression. By demonstrating leadership abilities, gaining experience, and accumulating new skills, employees can advance in rank.
  • Training and Development: In order to augment the competencies and expertise of its staff, the department allocates resources toward training and development initiatives. Training is provided to personnel on a multitude of law enforcement-related topics, such as emergency response, conflict resolution, and security protocols.
  • Community Impact: Colleagues of the Punjab Jail Police are able to positively influence their communities through their work in assuring public safety and upholding the rule of law. Staff members assist in the preservation of public order, the prevention of criminal activity, and the rehabilitation of wrongdoers.
  • Diverse Work Environment: The Punjab Jail Police actively recruits personnel from a wide range of origins, thereby cultivating an inclusive professional atmosphere that appreciates and respects diverse viewpoints. This diversity fosters among colleagues innovation, cooperation, and mutual regard.
  • Work-Life Balance: Despite the demanding nature of law enforcement, the Punjab Jail Police makes every effort to ensure that its employees have a healthy work-life balance. Time-off policies, shift schedules, and supportive management all contribute to the well-being of employees.
  • Pension and Retirement Benefits: Pension and retirement benefits are customarily extended to employees of the Punjab Jail Police, guaranteeing them financial stability subsequent to their lengthy tenure in the organization.
  • Access to Resources and Equipment: In order for its staff to carry out their responsibilities efficiently, the Punjab Jail Police grants them access to contemporary technology, equipment, and resources. Protective equipment, vehicles, communication devices, and firearms are all included.
  • Prospects for Specialization: Personnel affiliated with the Punjab Jail Police may be afforded the chance to develop expertise in particular domains of law enforcement, including but not limited to intelligence, corrections, investigation, or administration. There are specialized career paths and training available to those who wish to pursue these avenues.

All Vacancies Details for Punjab Jail Police Jobs:

Eligibility criteria to join the Punjab Jail Police

  • Gender: Both males and females
  • Skills: hard work
  • Experience: Relevant Field Experience
  • Age Limit for Males: 18 to 28 Years
  • Chest: 20 to 25 years
  • Running for Males: 1.6 kilometers in 7 minutes
  • Running for Females: 1.6 Kilometers in 10 Minutes

How to Apply for Punjab Jail Police Jobs

  • District offices of the Punjab Prison Department are where applicants may obtain an application.
  • The application form, two passport-sized photographs, attested photocopies of your CNIC, proof of residency, and academic transcripts should be submitted to the provided address.
  • Application forms are downloadable from the Punjab Prison Department’s website,

About Punjab Prison Police:

Punjab Prisons, an active division, strives to facilitate the reintegration of offenders into society in a constructive capacity. A sanitized and health-conscious atmosphere has been established within correctional facilities due to the progressive transformation of cell administration in accordance with the rehabilitative philosophy and approach towards incarcerated individuals.

Presently, the Department prioritizes the inmates’ moral development while implementing a comprehensive strategy to facilitate their reintegration into society after their release.

Overview of Punjab Prison Police:

“Hate crime, but not criminals” is an ardently adhered-to philosophy within this department. Further, it recognizes that incarceration alone is insufficient to establish a secure society; rehabilitation of the offender is also a necessary component. The department has implemented a range of measures in order to accomplish this objective.

The Department is subject to administrative oversight by the Home Department. The provincial-level department is under the supervision of ten (10) Deputy Inspectors General of Prisons (BS-20), who provide support to the Inspector General of Prisons (BS-21). The DG is in charge of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Multan, Sahiwal, and Bahawalpur. Khan Region comprises one of the eight regions comprising the Punjab Prisons. A Deputy Inspector General of Prisons (BS-20) oversees each zone.

  1. How many jails are there in Punjab? 

    Presently, there are forty (40) jails functional in the province, including one (1) high-security prison, nine (9) central jails, twenty-five (25) district jails, two (2) borstal institutions and juvenile jails, one (1) women jail, and two (2) sub-jails. Three (3) new jails are under construction at the moment.

  2. What is a jail warder’s salary in Punjab?

    The Punjab Police Jail Warder and Jail Matrons will receive the expected in-hand salary per the pay scale of 10,300/- 34,800 with a grade pay of Rs 32,00. We expect the basic salary for the post to be approximately Rs 19,900 per month.

  3. What is the grade for the assistant jail superintendent?

    Rule 1002: The term “Deputy Superintendent” encompasses the Assistant Superintendent and any individual currently carrying out all or any of the Deputy Superintendent’s responsibilities. Rule 1003 (i): The Deputy Superintendent shall be in Grade 16.

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