PMS Syllabus 2024 Download

The Punjab Public Service Commission has reintroduced the twenty-nine elective subjects for its Combined Competitive Examination (CCE) for employment in the Provincial Management Service (PMS). Are you searching for a PDF download of the PPSC PMS syllabus? This page is intended for you.

PMS Syllabus PDF Download

Included in this Provincial Management Service course outline for mandatory subjects are subject inventories, a mark breakdown, and a syllabus. This is due to the fact that the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) is revising the Provincial Management Service syllabus and introducing 29 elective subjects to be used in the Combined Competitive Examination for Provincial Management Service positions.

Benefits of PMS Syllabus

  • Standardized Information: The PMS curriculum ensures that all candidates are evaluated using a standard corpus of knowledge. This ensures equality and fairness in the examination procedure.
  • Concentrated Preparation: Having a well-defined syllabus enables candidates to concentrate their study efforts on exam-relevant topics and subjects, which can lead to more effective preparation.
  • Specific Expectations: The syllabus provides a detailed outline of the subjects, topics, and areas that will be covered on the examination, so students know what to expect.
  • Comprehensive Protection: A comprehensive curriculum encompasses a variety of subjects and topics, ensuring that successful candidates have a well-rounded education and are prepared to assume administrative and management responsibilities.
  • Relevant to the Position: The curriculum is intended to encompass subjects and knowledge areas directly relevant to the duties and responsibilities of provincial government civil servants.
  • Professional Progress: The study of PMS curriculum topics, such as governance, public administration, and law, can contribute to the professional development of candidates and enhance their capacity to serve effectively in administrative positions.
  • A just evaluation: A well-structured syllabus promotes meritocracy in the civil service selection process by ensuring that candidates are evaluated on the basis of their knowledge and skills relevant to the position.
  • Availability of information: A syllabus that is accessible to the public promotes examination process transparency by allowing candidates to comprehend how they will be evaluated and what they must study.
  • Capital Utilization: Candidates can allocate their time and resources effectively to study the subjects and topics specified in the syllabus, thereby reducing the likelihood of wasting effort on irrelevant material.
  • Maintaining consistency: A standardized curriculum ensures that the examination is consistent from year to year, allowing for impartial comparisons of the performance of candidates over time.
  • Preparation Resources: The syllabus frequently functions as the basis for the development of study materials, textbooks, and coaching programs, making it easier for candidates to locate preparation resources.
  • Cohesive Education: Following a structured curriculum assists candidates in developing a coherent understanding of the subjects and topics covered, thereby enhancing their ability to implement this knowledge in real-world situations.

PPSC PMS Syllabus Download PDF

All candidates are required to take all compulsory subjects and three optional subjects (nearly one from each category), each carrying 200 marks. While the total number of points on PMS competitive exams is 1,200,

Sr. No.Compulsory SubjectsMaximum Marks
1English (Précis and Composition)100
2English Essay100
3General Knowledge300
 (a) Current Affairs100
 (b) Everyday Science100
 (c) Pakistan Affairs100
5Viva Voce300
Total 900

Download Syllabus of PMS

When you click on the link, you can learn more about the PPSC Provincial Management Service Course Outlines for Optional Subjects, which include all optional subject groups and each group, as well as the subject-by-subject mark breakdown and the complete course outline for each subject. Please note that the PMS examination will consist of six required subjects and three elective subjects. The documents’ specifics are listed below.

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PMS Syllabus KPK

Group 1:

Code No.SubjectsMarks
5Accountancy & Auditing200
7Business Administration100
8Public Administration100

Group 2:

Code No.SubjectsMarks
9Political Science200

Group 3:

Code No.SubjectsMarks
14Pure Mathematics200
15Applied Mathematics200
16Computer Science100

Group 4:

Code No.SubjectsMarks

Group 5:

Code No.SubjectsMarks
24Islamic History & Culture200
25History of Pakistan & India200
26British History200
27European History200
28History of the U.S.A.100

Group 6:

Code No.SubjectsMarks
30Constitutional Law100
31Mercantile Law100
32Muslim Law & Jurisprudence100
33International Law100
34International Relations100

Group 7:

Code No.SubjectsMarks
36Psychology including experimental Psychology200

Group 8:

Code No.SubjectsMarks
37English Literature200

PPSC PMS Course Outline

Applicants must be required to study all required subjects and three elective subjects (nearly three from each category), each worth 200 marks. Consequently, the total number of points for the PMS examinations is 1200. According to PMS exam scores and new regulations, a list of all required and optional subjects, along with subject-by-subject divisions, is provided below. Here, candidates can obtain the PMS course outline in its entirety.

PMS Sociology Syllabus

This page features the PPSC PMS syllabus for optional subjects and papers. The disciplines of philosophy, psychology, sociology, and social work

More Info

1SyllabusPMS Compulsory PapersDownload
2SyllabusPMS Optional PapersDownload
3Optional Subjects GroupsPMS Optional Subjects GroupsDownload
1E-Pay User ManualFor Online Deposit of FeeDownload
2Departmental PermissionSpecimen Departmental Permission LetterDownload
3Experience LetterSpecimen Experience LetterDownload
4PPSC Examiner ProformaRevised and Implemented on 07-11-2022Download
5PPSC Advisor ProformaRevised and Implemented on 30-08-2024Download
6Exam Duty Registration FormPPSC Exam Duty Registration FormDownload
7Physical Measurement CertificatePhysical Measurement Certificate for the post of Inspector Legal (Specialist Cadre) will only be acceptable as per attached format.Download

PMS Exam Syllabus Download

Here, you can find the PMS syllabus, which covers all compulsory and optional subjects. PMS is abbreviated Provincial Management Services (PMS). It is a provincial base management service designed to meet provincial requirements. The Pakistani provincial public service commissions regularly administer this examination.

PMS Syllabus for Optional Subjects

  • You must have at least a bachelor’s (14-year-old) education.
  • Male candidates must be between 21 and 30 years old at a minimum.
  • The age requirement for female candidates is between 21 and 30 years old.
  • 5 years of age relaxation is available to ordinary provincial government employees.

PMS Syllabus for Compulsory Subjects

You must be aware that this PMS examination is administered to recruit officers for the various BPS-17 provincial departments. The Provincial Management Service Examination Curriculum Prior to taking this PMS examination, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of any required or optional subjects. Prior to that, however, you were familiar with the eligibility requirements for the PMS examination.

Provincial Management Service Syllabus PDF 2024
PPSC PMS Syllabus 2024Download in pdf
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BPSC PMS Syllabus 2024Download in pdf
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PMS Expected Date

If you’re looking for information regarding Provincial Management Service subjects and the curriculum, you’ve come to the right location. The Provincial Management Service test subjects and syllabus are accessible in PDF form. If you have any questions or require additional information, please let us know through the comment section.

PMS Written Examination
Six Papers Compulsory  Total  600 Marks
Three Papers Optional Total  600 Marks

PMS Exam

You must apply online at for government jobs as well as for general recruitment examinations and PMS examinations in Punjab.

PMS Compulsory Subjects Marks 600

In addition, PMS eligibility criteria are provided here. Therefore, each elective and required mark is 1200, and in order to qualify for the position, each candidate must earn a minimum of 50 percent on the PMS PPSC examination, or they will be rejected.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are the subjects in PMS?

    The PMS syllabus for the written exam consists of six compulsory subjects (600 marks) and three optional subjects to be chosen from seven groups (600 marks).
    English Essay 100
    English (Précis, Comprehension, and Translation) 100
    Urdu (Essay, Comprehension, and Translation) 100
    Pakistan Studies, 100.
    General Knowledge, 100

  2. Is PMS easier than CSS? 

    As per the discussion, PMS stands for Provincial Management Service, and it is easier than the CSS exam. You are required to serve in the province, and you will deal with people in several public offices. Well, if you think that PMS is much easier than a child’s play, you are still full of misconceptions.

  3. How many subjects are there in the PMS exam? 

    The examination will be conducted in six compulsory subjects along with three optional subjects. The details of the papers are given below. There are also marks for the interview and Viva. Compulsory subjects carry a total of 600 marks.

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