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Islamabad Electric Supply Company IESCO Jobs 2024

The Islamabad Electricity Supply Company (IESCO) is the only option. IESCO has recently declared a number of vacancies to be filled and is in search of dynamic, accomplished, and seasoned professionals to fulfill these roles.

These positions are available for lump-sum, contract-based compensation for an initial period of one year; extensions are possible based on performance and necessity. Male and female applicants are encouraged to submit their resumes for these recent government positions. This opportunity to advance your profession with IESCO should not be missed!

System Analyst (Database) Assistant Manager, Communication & System Technician, Database Expert (Dy. Manager), and System Analyst (Billing) Assistant Manager are the positions for which applications are being accepted. Before the deadline, please submit your application if you are interested in these positions. Continually monitor this website for updates and a daily Jobs Alert.

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Details of Islamabad Electric Supply Company IESCO Jobs

Benefits of Islamabad Electric Supply Company Jobs

  • Job Security: Job security is frequently greater when one is employed by a government-owned organization such as IESCO, as opposed to a private sector employer.
  • Competitive Compensation: Government positions, including those at IESCO, generally provide competitive remuneration and comprehensive benefits packages. Allowances and periodic salary increases are examples.
  • Employee Benefits: To ensure the welfare of its personnel, IESCO may offer a variety of employee benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and additional perks.
  • Training and Development: Frequently, governmental entities allocate resources towards the instruction and advancement of their personnel. This may consist of workshops, opportunities for talent development, and programs for professional growth.
  • Work-Life Balance: Public sector employment is frequently characterized by a greater emphasis on maintaining a healthy work-life balance and more structured work hours. Particularly advantageous for those in search of stability in both their personal and professional spheres.
  • Opportunities for Career Advancement: Government organizations generally establish well-defined frameworks to facilitate career progression. There may be opportunities for career advancement at IESCO through promotions and increased responsibilities.
  • Social Security Benefits: Social Security benefits are available to government employees, including those employed at IESCO. These programs offer supplementary financial assistance in the event of retirement, disability, or other significant life circumstances.
  • Public Service Impact: Employment with an IESCO or another utility company affords personnel the opportunity to contribute to the critical community service of supplying electricity. Having the satisfaction of contributing to the public good can be gratifying.
  • Collaborative Work Environment: Teamwork and collaboration are frequently encouraged within government organizations. This culture of collaboration may contribute to the development of a supportive workplace.
  • Leave and Holidays: Government employees generally are granted a satisfactory quantity of annual leave days and observe public holidays. This facilitates relaxation and rejuvenation, thereby enhancing overall job contentment.

Vacation Positions:

  • System Analyst (Database) Assistant Manager
  • Communication and System Technician
  • Database Expert (Dy. Manager)
  • System Analyst (Billing) Assistant Manager

Eligibility Criteria for NTS-IESCO Jobs

Salary Package

  • Minimum Monthly Salary: 100,000 PKR (EST.)
  • Maximum Monthly Salary: 200,000 PKR (EST.)

How to Apply for Islamabad Electric Supply Company Jobs

You may submit your application for the Islamabad Electricity Supply Company Jobs via the IESCO website, which can be found at

More Info

Merely complete the requisite fields and attach supporting documentation, such as your CNIC, academic transcripts, and proof of domicile.

Incomplete or submitted applications received after the designated deadline will not be taken into account.


  1. Is IESCO a private or government company?

    Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) is an electric utility company in Islamabad, incorporated in 1998. It is under the ownership of the government of Pakistan.

  2. How can I check my electric bill in Pakistan? 

    To check your Pesco electricity bill online, visit the PESCO website at, enter your electricity bill reference number or unique key, and click “Submit.”

  3. Is IESCO under Wapda? 

    IESCO was formed in 1998 to take over the assets, functions, and responsibilities of the erstwhile Islamabad Area Electricity Board, which was then a division of WAPDA.

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