New Academic Formula of PPSC 2024 – Visit Here

This is the link to the PPSC Academic Marks Merit Calculation Formula. From this page, students can download the PPSC academic merit calculator app. PPSc academic marks are calculated online for students. Students search for a fresh formula to apply to their final grade every year. Make frequent visits to this page to stay updated on the PPSC’s most recent academic formula.

New Academic Formula of PPSC

Along with information about quotas, applicant criteria, crucial guidelines, age limit requirements, test requirements, important links, psychological assessment, educational requirements, candidate acceptance requirements, and medical fitness certificate requirements, you will receive news and updates about PPSC eligibility criteria.

You have undoubtedly heard of the Public Service Commission (PPSC) if you are seeking employment with them. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the Punjab Public Service Commission; we’ll give you a brief rundown (PPSC).

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PPSC’s new Academic Marks Calculation Formula

We’re here to discuss the PPSC Merit Calculation Formula, not that, though. By reading this document, you can find out how the organization determines how much weight to give your written or multiple-choice test scores, interview results, and academic performance in the final merit score. You’ll get some excellent stuff if you read it all the way through. Let’s start with a synopsis of PPSC.

Ppsc academic marks calculator online

There are a lot of conditions that applicants must fulfill for the PPSC because both the test and the jobs that come with it are highly competitive. Candidates seeking jobs should confirm that they meet the requirements mentioned for the position, including age, nationality, education, experience, and other qualifications. Given the qualifying restrictions outlined by the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC), candidates for the PPSC exam should not expect the PPSC to grant any form of age relaxation.

How are PPSC academic marks calculated?

Total Aggregate Marks200 marks
Marks counted from the test50% marks
Marks counted from academics40% marks
Marks counted from the interview100% marks
Conditional marks like the government employee’s son10% marks

With a rich and lengthy history, the Pakistan Preventive Security Corps (PPSC) is a government organization in Pakistan. This government agency is in charge of all civil service jobs in Punjab; none are located outside the province’s boundaries.

PPSC Marks

Owing largely to its effective hiring procedures, PPSC commands a dominant position in the government sector. The organization posts job openings across many industries on its website.

How do you calculate your merit in the PPSC exams?

Let’s talk about the formula and mark distribution used to determine PPSC merit grades—information that every applicant ought to be aware of.

What is the percentage of the PPSC exam?

There are two possible formats for the PPSC exam: written and screening. There are one hundred multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that make up the majority of the exam. Candidates must score 40 or above on the PPSC Test to advance to the next round. The process for determining and awarding the merit grade is detailed in the following table.

Written test marks:

The PPSC Written/Screening Test has a maximum score of 100 points, of which 50 count toward the final total.

Interview Marks:

There are 100 points available for the Viva Voce or Interview section of the PPSC, and these points go toward your overall score.

PPSC Merit Calculator for Lecturer

Do you have any questions regarding the PPSC eligibility requirements? If so, you’ve come to the right place since I have all the most recent information and updates on the PPSC eligibility criteria that you’ve been looking for. For prospective candidates looking to learn about the most recent exam eligibility, this website has all the latest news and information.

Lecturer Jobs Equivalence Qualification

The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) has declared that the educational requirements for the roles of lecturer male and lecturer female in the Higher Education Department of the Punjabi government are equal in terms of education and experience.

  • a master’s degree in a relevant field with at least a second-class grade from a university that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has approved.
  • Applicants may also apply if their degree is equivalent to a master’s degree.
  • be in the age range of 21 to 28.
  • The maximum age has been ten years lower for female applicants.
  • For male applicants, the maximum age limit has increased by seven years.

PPSC Degree Equivalence

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), the Higher Education Commission (HEC), or any other pertinent government body will evaluate the qualifications of applicants based on their professional experience, test scores, and academic standing.

In the Philippines, applicants for public employment had to study the PPSC Test Eligibility Criteria and evaluate their own qualifications for the job criteria.

PPSC Exam Requirements

  • The requirements for each job will differ depending on what is posted.
  • The candidate’s experience and credentials will be verified in compliance with the commission’s criteria.
  • On all important directives, the commission offers recommendations regularly.
  • Every application will be subject to the PPSC eligibility requirements, which include age, education level, and experience, as of the application date.
  • The Punjab Public Service Commission does not have the authority to alter the qualifications needed to take the PPS exam.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the negative marking formula for the PPSC exam?

    Answer: Negative marking will be done, and 0.25 marks shall be deducted for each wrong answer in the Multiple Choice, Objective, or MCQ paper.

  2. How many chances are there in PPSC? 

    The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) typically allows candidates three attempts for a specific job posting.

  3. What is the qualification for PPSC? 

    A bachelor’s degree, including DMCs showing total and obtained marks or percentage certificates from the controller of examination, is required in cases where candidates have a degree with only a CGPA, as PPSC does not accept CGPA.

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